Micah Publications, INC is The Source for Jewish Vegetarian and Animal Rights Books as well as Jewish Fiction.

"More of human thought and history has been expressed in books than in any other medium."

"Micah Publications is run by us, Bob and Roberta Kalechofsky. The books we write and the books we publish are our communication with the world, up front and personal. Our slogan: Judaism and Vegetarianism go together naturally.”  We also write on various other subjects including fiction.

Occasionally a friend asks why our books are so serious. I like the explanation Hawthorne gave when he was once asked the same question. 'It’s true. In real life I am a bon vivant, but every time I sit down to write, the devil jumps into my inkwell.'

To my surprise, the last thirty years of our life have been spent in movements. A tide swept us along and then swept Micah Publications and our books, which were in response to pressures we felt in the world and the ideas we felt compelled to communicate. JAR (Jews for Animal Rights) was founded in 1985." - Roberta Kalechofsky

"The case for animal rights...is a part of, not antagonistic to, the human rights movement. The theory that grounds the rights of animals also grounds the rights of humans." – Tom Regan and Peter Singer, Animal Rights and Human Obligations.

Publisher and writer Roberta Kalechofsky reading from and discussing "The Jewish Vegetarian Year Cookbook" at Barnes and Noble

Vigil for Laboratory Animals, New York.

Reading at Barnes and Noble, New York with Stanly Barkan (Publisher of Cross-Cultural Communications)

Roberta Cooks,
Bob Eats

Front of Catalogue for Jews for Animal Rights, "Mandala of Creation" Drawing by Faith Gaber