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  1. Thanks Vegan

  2. Bodmin: 1349

  3. The Book - Its Enemies and Lovers (Talk given at the invitation of the Ortese Foundation, University of Florence, Nov. 25, 1998)

  4. Children of God (Short Story)

  5. Excerpt from Knowing and Erring: The Consolations of Error--an Essay on Developmental Epistemology

  6. Hitler's Vegetarianism

  7. Nazis and Animal Experimentation

  8. Human Experimentation

  9. Shechitah---The Jewish Ritual Slaughter of Animals

  10. METAPHORS  AND  ERRORS Metaphors and errors play roles in various types of mathematical and physical reasoning.

  11. Autobiography As History

  12. The Shame and Scandal of Our Mismanagement of Antibiotics