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Robert Kalechofsky

(Not to be confused with Roberta) is a mathematician and philosopher of science.  He has given talks on how the brain works, the role that metaphors play in thinking, what part of the brain is engaged in making metaphors, and the important role that errors plays in creativity. 

His work embraces psychology, mathematics and science, and he has given talks on these subjects at the Piaget Society, at the Explorer's Club, Salem State College--in Israel at the Weitzmann Institute and Hebrew University-- in Canada at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Theoretical Psychology of  the University of Alberta.

His interest in science and the contribution of Jewish scientists has led him to develop  stimulating talks about Hitler's Refugees, who were they, where did they go, what did they do, who were their students and what were their consequences--and in Einstein's Theory of Relativity, and Einstein as a mensch.  He has been known to make discussions about mathematical and scientific structures sparkle.

Professor Robert Kalechofsky: Jewish Refugees: Where they came from, Where they went, and How They Changed the World

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