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Roberta Kalechofsky

The History and Politics of Modern Food: Vegetarianism and the Jewish Tradition Hot Food---Global Warming On Your Tongue
Roberta Kalechofsky has been giving talks on radio, in videos,  and doing readings from her fiction since 1976.  She has appeared at Temples, at universities, and twice at The Holocaust Scholars' Conference, the Society for Ethics and Animals at The Philosophical Institute, the Association of Jewish Studies, The Explorer's Club at Salem State College. While living in Israel, she read at Bar Ilan University and Tel Aviv University,   

Her subjects are very varied. For example, she was the keynote speaker at Anshe Sholom in Chicago on "The Future of Kosher Meat," and a few years before that was the invited speaker of The Ortese Foundation in Florence, Italy where she spoke at the University of Florence on "The Book: Its Enemies and Lovers," and was invited on a reading tour in Italy. 

She has been on panel discussions on subjects such as religion and the treatment of animals, and literary creativity and publishing, with Robert Boyers, Gordon Lish, Hugh Nissenson, Cynthia Ozick and Elizabeth Sifton.

Given the food and environmental emergency of the present time, she speaks most often now on the problems with modern food, with modern kashrut, and the medical limitations of experimentation on animals, but is always happy to read from her fiction.

Pictured: Lecture on Animal Rights at the National Women's Studies Association in Akron, Ohio
For rates and dates, contact by email, phone 781-631-7601 (in afternoons), snail mail or carrier pigeon.

Recent lectures and topics:

  • Feb. 8, 2009: Judaism and the Vegetarian Tradition, Temple Emanu-el, Newton, MA
  • Fall 2008: Three two-hour lectures: “The History and Politics of Food,” Explorer’s Club, Salem State College, Salem MA
  • November 2008, The History and Politics of Modern Food, Northeastern University
  • March 5, 12, 19 2008: 3 two hour lectures on Jews, Christians and Israel, Explorer’s Club, Salem State College, Salem, MA
  • March 2, 2008: Keynote Speaker at Anshe Sholom in Chicago; The Future of Kosher Meat
  • October 2007:  3 two hour lectures on “Jews, Christians and Israel---Can We Talk,” Explorer’s Club, Salem, MA
  • Spring 2007: Workshop on “The History and Politics of Modern Food,” Explorers’ Club, Salem, MA
  • Spring 2006: Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society: Readings from my collection of stories, Job Enters A  Pain Clinic
  • Spring 2006: Presenter at Law School at New York University on subject, “Inadmissiable Comparisons: Animal Suffering and the Holocaust”
  • Spring 2005: The Black Death, and Modern Disease. Reading from my novel, Bodmin, 1349:  Explorers Club, Salem, MA
  • July 2000: "Animal and Human Experimentation," "Reaching Out to Religious Communities": Animal Rights, 2000:
  • July 2000: "Panel on Judaism and Vegetarianism," World Vegetarian Congress in Toronto
  • 1999: "Human Experimentation Before and After The Nazi Era": The 29th Annual Scholars' Conference on the Holocaust & the Churches, Nassau Community College, Long Island, New York, March 6-9.
  • 1998:  Ortese Foundation: Presenter on “The Book: Its Enemies and Lovers,” Nov. 25, University of  Florence.  Bari, Italy University of Salerno,  Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington (Vegetarianism and Kashruth)
  • 1996:  The University of Florence, Lecture on my Fiction to Students and Faculty in American Literature
  • 1993:  Holocaust Conference lecture at Humboldt University , Berlin
  • 1992: "Round Table Discussion On Literary Creativity and Publishing" with Robert Boyers, Gordon Lish, Hugh Nissenson, Cynthia Ozick, Elizabeth Sifton, and Mario Materassi, published in RSA Journal 3/1992
  • 1991: International Vegetarian Congress, Israel
  • 1990: Society for Ethics and Animals, American Philosophical Institute, Boston, MA
  • 1988: Holocaust Scholars' Conference, Anne Frank Institute, Philadelphia
  • 1983: Association of Jewish Studies, Boston, MA. "The Importance of James Parkes"
  • 1982: Lectures at Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv University, Institute for Contemporary Jewry at Hebrew University
  • 1976-1977: Eight lectures on selected novels, Jewish Community Center, Marblehead, MA
  • 1976:  Guest writer and speaker at Creative Writing program, Roger Williams College, Rhode Island
  • 1976:  WGBH-TV program on Small Press Publishing