Roberta  Kalechofsky & Roberta Schiff
Cover and photographs by Sara Feldman

Illustrations by Holly Kalisher
                 Photographs: Jim Feldman & Roberta Schiff
         Pbk.  264  pages    $26.00  ($28 in Can.) ISBN: 978-0-916288-56-3



The Shabbat was a revolutionary idea that changed the world, and the
world is now in need of another revolution, this time in food and agriculture. The book includes a marvelous history of the Shabbat,  the world's first day of freedom for all humans, slaves and animals.

If you ever wanted to become a vegetarian but needed a reason to get started,  celebrating the Shabbat as a vegetarian is an excellent way to start.  Vegetarian and vegan food is a natural for Shabbat meals.  Many of the recipes require little cooking, taste excellently at room temperature, and will keep well until the next day. The cookbook is delightful to read, with historic notes and quotations from famous scholars, easy to use with a layflat binding and information about ingredients, fun to look at with whimsical and witty illustrations, a cookbook that will become a cookbook collector's treasure.

The authors, sometimes known as the two Robertas, have a combined fifty years of experience as vegetarians, vegans and cooks.
 Roberta Kalechofsky became a vegetarian thirty years ago and has written and edited many books and articles on vegetarianism for Jews and others. She is known for the popular The Jewish Vegetarian Year Cookbook and Vegetarian Judaism.

Roberta Schiff  has served as President, Vice President and Events Coordinator for the Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society.  She also  teaches vegan cooking and health education classes, and has created a Challelujah cooking class. 


"Here's a vegan cookbook that starts off by teaching that "The institution of the Sabbath is the most successful social revolution in human history."  The authors skillfully link the revolution to the (we hope) soon-to-come vegetarian revolution, based not only on human sympathy for animals but also on an argument now endorsed by the Sierra Club and the Union of Concerned Scientists: that livestock does enormous damage to the environment, so meat-based diets are environmentally unsustainable.  Beyond all this, this cookbook is an excellent introduction to vegan cooking.  You don't have to be Jewish to delight in the dishes it teaches the reader to make."    Tikkun, July/August, 2010


"Those looking to combine their religious rituals with food activism should pick up  'The Vegetarian Shabbat Cookbook,' by Roberta Kalechofsky and Roberta Schiff.  The book is packed with over 150 vegan recipes, from stuffed cabbage with squash to crockpot goulash and curry mango baked tofu....Keeping a vegetarian diet and trying dishes from the book like linguini with Moroccan lentil sauce or spicy black bean and sweet potatoes, can also have an added benefit for religious Jews....While the international food activist community is promoting 'Meatless Mondays' to encourage people to give up meat for at least one day a week, Kalechofsky sees Shabbat as ideal or once-a-week vegetarianism."

The Jewish Week,   Nov., 2010


"The authors of The Vegetarian Shabbat Cookbook believe that "celebrating Shabbat with vegetarian food continues the revolutionary spirit in which the Shabbat was first conceived of as a gift of freedom for human beings.  It becomes a gift for all the creatures which God blessed.' 

Their beautiful book includes recipes for eggless challahs, vegetarian cholents, vegetable. loaves...various stuffed cabbages, dips and spreads, savory toppings, Shabbat and everyday soups, and dishes reflecting Asian, Spanish, Indian, Moroccan, Italian, Korean, Indonesian and Mexican infuences, among others....The authors provide meticulous explanations and decriptions of terms and ingredients involved in this healthful way of cooking and eating....Thus the book is appropriate for veteran vegetarians as well as those just beginning to explore meatless eating.
The authors' indirect message is that we are all involved in Tkkun Olam, repairing a broken world, as we prepare and enjoy these gourmet foods."

Jewish Book World, Winter Edition, 2010


"The Vegetarian Shabbat Cookbook combines the great tradition of the Sabbath with vegan cooking--Jewish history and food in the tradition of The Jewish Vegetarian Year Cookbook.  Vegetarian and vegan meals are a natural for the Sabbath because most of the recipes require little cooking and because vegan food keeps very well at room temperature.  The beautiful, 264 page book  contains quotations about the day of rest by famous Jewish writers....The book shows  the reader how to take traditional Jewish recipes, such as chicken soup, chop liver, stuffed cabbage, cholent, goulash, and varieties of kasha, and make them into healthier, but no less tasty vegan dishes....Desserts such as apple, cherry, pecan strudels, apple pie and chocolate tart are featured in a way to make them sugar free, healthy, delicious, and guilt-free."
                               The Jewish Georgian, Aug, 2010


ISBN 978-0-916288-56-3  

The Vegetarian Shabbat Cookbook   $26.00